Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fun With Parallettes

Haven't been very good about posting lately.  I have now completed 4 months of the 6 month Gold Medal Bodies Paralletes 1 program and have been having a lot of fun.  The program is very well designed and has excellent progressions.  I have developed tremendous improvements in both my upper body and core strength working this program.  Below is a short video clip of 2 of the 5 exercises done yesterday.  It was my first time trying these new drills and I have to say I was pretty surprised that I was able to do them.  In order to get some cardio training during this program, I have been doing 32kg two handed swings for 20 reps between each parallette set for a total of 300-400 swings per workout.  If any of you are looking for a change up in your workouts I would recommend giving this a go.  I will try to keep posting my progress from time to time and eventually will post a video of the final flow in 2 more months.


Todd Pigram said...

Nice work. Nothing wrong with a little CST thrown in. I have Coach Sonnon's TacFit Barbarian which similar. Ryan, Andy and Jarlo are from the same school.


Gunther said...

any updates?