Monday, October 3, 2011

Program Minimum Minimum

Decided to give Dan John's Program minimum minimum work out a try today. Although it doesn't seem like much on paper, it gets quite difficult as the sets start to accumulate. The workout includes what Dan John considers the basic movement patterns: hip hinge (swing), push/pull (push up), squat (goblet squat), and loaded carries (farmers walk).

Mobility: Thoracic Spine, Pec Minor, Supported Wall Squat
Program Minimum Minimum:
*2 Handed Swing(32kg) x 20 reps
*Push Up x 10 reps
*Goblet Squat(32kg) x 10 reps
*Farmers Walk(2x32kg) x 50 yards

I repeated the above circuit 9 times without any rest between sets. I was shooting for 10 cycles, but form started to fall apart on the 9th set so I called it quits before I hurt myself. I am sure I will be quite sore tomorrow.

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