Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Was able to get home at a reasonable time today and felt like another GS type workout. Also blew off the dust of my FlipCam and shot some video.

Mobility: First Rib, Thoracic Spine, Pec Minor
Warm Up(16kg): Various
Jerk(2x20kg): *12 rpm x 2 min
*12 rpm x 2 min
*14 rpm x 2 min
*12 rpm x 2 min
*2 min rest between each set
Snatch(24kg) 6 minutes @ 16 rpm - 1 hand switch
SLDL(24kg) 10R/10L x 2 sets
Band Abs


jake heke said...

Nice to see that you can jerk ,again. Your snatch style seems more "Rudnev" style than "Fedorenko " style. It seems smoother. 2 Weeks ago,we have Igor Morozov 3 day workshop in Finland. Lot of good information and details.

MKSchinabeck said...

Jake nice to hear from you. Yeah, I think my snatch technique has been changing over time. This feels better to me. I also think my timing has improved on both my drop and early ascent. Trying to focus on launching my arm off my pelvis at the beginning of the upswing. Hope all is well.