Sunday, September 6, 2009

Back in the Game

After a self imposed 7 day rest (which was harder than hell to abide by!!!!) I am back to the bells. Excited and full of energy. New goals in place and ready to work. Ready to make those CMS numbers. Ready to work on my weaknesses ( read - snatch). Also, in the hopes of reaching both my short term and long term kettlebell sport goals, I have enlisted the help of a coach. Today is my first workout of the new program:

Warm Up: Rib pull/Arm sweep, various swings, OAJ, light Jerks
Jerk(28kg) 5 minutes @ 7 rpm
Jerk(24kg) 5 minutes @ 9 rpm
Snatch(28kg) 6 minutes @ 14 rpm - 1 hand switch
OAJ(40kg) 11/11, 8/8
Swing(32kg) 30/30 x 1 set

All in all, took me about an hour. Probably a bit longer than it needed to be as I had to field several pages between sets. Snatches felt very strong. Working on getting into the finger lock before the bell passes my shoulders and then really following the bell down between the legs. My hands held up very well with the new technique and I think will only get better with more practice. Struggled a bit with the 40kg OAJ. Was scheduled for 2 sets of 12/12, but just couldn't make the numbers. Stopped early to prevent injury. These will improve with time.

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