Friday, November 19, 2010

24kg Snatches

The shoulder continues to feel better and better. Today, I thought I would give 24kg snatches a try. I was surprised how light the bell felt, but I think that is due to the heavy diet of 32kg swings I have been doing over the past 5 months. Things went very well. I think snatching the 20kg bell for the past few weeks has helped me figure out some more technique issues with the drop of the bell and the hook grip. My hands held up very well today, I have still not been challenged from a cardiovascular standpoint - thanks to the thousands of heavy swing intervals.

Warm Up: Pec Stretch, Stick Shrug, Face Pull, Rotational Scap Pull Aparts
Snatch(24kg) 16 rpm x 10 minutes switching every minute (80L/80R)
HS Swing(32kg) 20 reps in 30 sec/15 sec rest x 10 sets.


Mark Reifkind said...

nice. you are back dude:)) and yes,i think you're right that the heavy one arm swings made the 24 kg snatches feel very light.

just remember to keep what got you healthy back in the mix once all the pain is gone.

the only thing harder than figuring out what to do is remembering to do it.

pekka.taipale said...

Nice you are back.Train smarter,not harder ! Last weekend ,Finland team won 14 medals in IUKL worldchampionship !
2 medal in pro-32kg-men 24kg-women.
3 medal in 16kg-ladies. 9 medals in 24kg -amateur or veteran. I win gold in biathlon and longcycle ! But not with any spectacular numbers. With your numbers in 24kg,you have won gold in amateur division!

pekka.taipale said...

I was in veteran division 50-54 years, +95kg ! Next year IUKL worldshampionship is in New York ! Shall we meat there ?
jakeheke=pekka taipale

MKSchinabeck said...

Thanks. You are so right.....I had done these shoulder exercises 2 years ago and then stopped once feeling better. I will keep these as my warm up exercises indefinately.....I hope!

Congrats on the performance. Keep me informed about the IUKL World Championships for 2011. If they are truly going to be in NYC, I will make every effort to attend. Would love to have the opportunity to meet you in person. At this point, I am thinking of focusing on the 24kg until I can get 100 jerks and 200 snatches. However, the 28kg and 32kg bells currently collecting dust in my basement often call my name asking to be lifted....Can you forward me to some links with video/summary of the recent IUKL Championsips?

pekka.taipale said...

ÖÖÖ,if you put: pekkataipale in you tube,it shows my videos( there is only 30% in this moment)I put there all my videos.
And my older addres in you tube: taipalep And there is last year IUKL world championship in Maardu ,Eastonia. Lifting with 24kg is healthier than 32kg !!
I think,its more challenge to lift 100+ in jerk and 200+ in snatch than short sets with 32kg !

Boris Terzic said...

Nice to see you're getting back to the heavier bells!