Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another 8 Minute Snatch Set......Really!

I was worried that my tender hands wouldn't be recovered by today, but they were. Another 8 minute snatch set on the agenda for today.

Warm Up
Snatch(28kg) L 14/14/14/14 ---> R 14/14/14/14
Jerk(2x24kg) 3 minutes @ 8 rpm
Swing(40kg) 35/35 x 1 set
Swing(32kg) 40/40 x 1 set
Bulgarian Split Squat (Bodyweight) 10/10 x 3 sets

Snatches felt good again today. Left side was better than the right. I was able to keep my backswing all the way to the end on the left, but the right side started to fall apart over the last 40 seconds with the last 3 reps being dead snatches......but I did it. It is important for me to get comfortable working the eight minute sets both mentally and physically, then I can start to pick up the pace again.
I shut down the planned 5 minute jerk set at the 3 minute mark secondary to some knee discomfort. At this point, I think it is better for me to heal than to start pushing the jerks too early. I continued to work the single leg squats (Bulgarian Split Squat) and am hopeful that by rebuilding the strength in my quads (especially vastus medialis) and glutes will help my knee pain.


Raesu25 said...

Good to hear that the snatches are coming along. Good luck with the knee.


Boris T. said...

Good ot hear about the santches, bummer qabout the knee.

Jakeheke said...

Broblems with your knee?
If I remember right,you have operated knee? Ligaments?
My knee operated twice. They create new ligament from my patella tendon. Ihave to be carefull with my knee. I do every morning z-health and that helps a lot.I read IUKL pages and all what they say, first age group is 40-45 year.I try find whole rules and be sure how it goes!

MKSchinabeck said...

Yeah, torn ACL/MCL in '89. I had a patellar tendon reconstruction. I have found over the years, that as long as I keep the surrounding musculature strong that I had very limited knee pain. Over the past year, I have been so focused on GS that I neglected my legs and I think I am now paying the price.
Thanks for looking into the masters stuff in Oslo. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Boris and Rachael thanks.