Friday, February 5, 2010

Tender Hands

This weeks long snatch sets has started to catch up to me with tender hands. Decided to give another 8 minute snatch set a go tonight, even though my paws were sore.

Warm Up
Snatch(28kg) L14/14/14/7 ----> R14/14/14/7
Swing(40kg) 35/35 x 1
Swing(32kg) 40/40 x 1
BSS 10/10 - bodyweight
BSS 10/10 - (2x20kg)

Snatches felt good today, but at the 3:30 mark on both sides my hands had had enough. Swings were a struggle due to sore hands, but I got it done. Weighted Bulgarian split squats, even with only 40kg, was a challenge.


Michael Sherman said...

Hey Matt, when you say sore hands do you mean skin/blisters? If so one little trick that I do is smear liquid skin on the palm of each hand and let dry. It forms a layer or sheen so the handle doesn't catch the center of my palm. Also layer the handle thick with chalk use water first if you have to. Also make sure your pinkie is never involved in touching the handle. Keep the handle in the horn of the bell and mantain fingerlock as much as possible. Just a few tricks that I use.

MKSchinabeck said...

No blisters or skin tears. Just tender hands from four 8 minute snatch sets this week.