Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Breaking the 8 Minute Barrier

Today was a breakthrough day for me from a mental standpoint. The pace of my snatches was slowed down to 14 rpm and I was actually able to complete a full 8 minute set. Yahooooo! Now, I am not going to lie.....the last 15 seconds on each side was a struggle, but I did it (came up a few reps short on the left). The slower pace really allowed me to concentrate on following the bell on the descent and not rushing the start of my ascent. This really seemed to help me.

Warm Up
Snatch(28kg) L 14/14/14/11 ----> R 14/14/14/14
Swing(40kg) 30/30 x 2 sets
Swing(32kg) 35/35 x 1 set

Had to stop the 32kg swings early due to hand issues.
Overall, my knee is feeling much better today. Hit my right calf, quads, and hamstrings with the Tiger stick last night and was amazed how much better I felt today. Some interesting discussion on the AKC forum concerning squatting. Over the past year I have essentially stopped working my legs as I have focused on GS. Ever since my knee injury, I have had problems with knee pain when I let my vastus medialis and rest of the quadriceps on my right side get weak. It is funny how you forget these things despite going through it many times. I think I need to introduce some squatting into my workout regimen. I don't have a squat rack or barbell in my basement, so I think I am going to give Mike Boyle's one legged squats a try. Did 2 sets of 10 reps today with bodyweight, followed by 1 set of 10 reps each leg holding two 16kg bells in the suitcase deadlift position. I think these will be effective and do the trick, without causing my legs to get too big.


Jakeheke said...

Great job Matt! How much have your PR getting better in last year(24kg or 28kg)? It seams that your progres is pretty good! Your tecnique is getting better too.
How many lifts your want to do,before you go to 32kg?

MKSchinabeck said...

I started training GS in November 2008. My first comp was March 2009 (Arnold Festival) where I hit 91 jerks and maybe 144 snatches with the 24kg. The AKC made the new rankings shortly thereafter and I submitted a video for rank 1 with 80 jerks and 160 snatches with 24kg. I have basically been trying to make official CMS rank in the AKC system since April of 2009. For my weight class (90kg) I need to hit 73 jerks and 70/70 snatches with the 28kg bell. The jerks are not a problem for me. However, I am still working on hitting the snatch numbers. My best 28kg snatch numbers in competition are around 62/60 back in October 2009. I am hoping by later this spring I will make official CMS rank, then I will move on to the 32kg bells. I have been working in some 32kg jerk sets already. If things work out, I hope to be in Oslo this fall as part of an American team. Hopefully we can meet in person at that time.

Michael Sherman said...

Good job Matt! I've always thought that you should slow down and go longer. And maybe even try going 16 - 20 min. switching every 2 mins. this will build your snatch volume plus your CNS will get acustom to the bell being in your grip for a longer time. This is what they told me in Russia and it really moved up my snatch #s.

Jakeheke said...

Matt,Iam sure you get your CMS.
I hope ,we will see in Oslo.
I think,Iam competing in veteran division.I am old timer.
Mike ,can you tell,how much that Russian longed sets help you?

Chris Duffey said...

Good job buddy.. It takes balls to slow down and work like you are doing it... Very Smart. our egos dont like this information, but it is the way of true progress... Keep working man...

MKSchinabeck said...

Mike and C-duff,
Thanks for the words. Things seem to be moving forward in the snatch scene. Finally! Chris, how are the snatches progressing for you? You missed some very impressive lifting in Toledo. Where are you planning to compete next?

I am no spring chicken myself. Do you know what the rules for age are for Oslo. I will be turning 40 in November. If I qualify, I would consider hitting the masters division too.

Chris Duffey said...

Hey Matt,
I am making progress. I have improved my pacing and it has really helped. I also joined a gym to do some cardio... I was losing my mind training completely in isolation. Conditioning is my biggest limiter, so the extra work is helping me stay composed longer, which feels good.
So, I am not sure when my next competition is exactly. I am thinking about putting together a local meet in Boston in like May/June... So, in the mean time, Keep up the good work locking the finger and Svings!!