Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cleans/Rolfing Session 2

Had my second Rolfing session last evening with the my feet/ankles and lower extremities being the main focus. This was a fairly painful session for me as the fascial plains were opened up in these regions. I already feel like my posture is improving and look forward to my next session. Unfortunately, my Rolfer is only in town for 1 week per month so I will have to wait until mid October to continue my sessions.

Warm Up: Stick Shrug x 10, Face Pull x 10, Scap Pulldown x 10, Pec Stretch -- 3 sets of all
GS 1 Hand Cleans
*20L/20R/20L/20R in 4 minutes with 1 minute rest -- did 4 sets overall
*Set 1: 24kg, Set 2: 28kg, Set 3: 32kg, Set 4: 28kg
RBT Cross Over(purple) Speed Squat -- 20 reps x 3 sets
RBT Pillars(red) -- 30 seconds work -- anterior/L lateral/R lateral/anterior

Hands took a beating on the cleans. It is amazing how fast the hands soften up when not working the long sets.

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