Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday's Workout/Attempted Jerks

Shoulder has been feeling better and better with very minimal discomfort when I raise my arm overhead. Today I thought I might give some light jerks and snatches a go with the 20kg bell. After warming up, I tried some one arm jerks with the 16kg bell and had pain in the left shoulder so I aborted. Back to the swings!

Warm Up: Stick Shrug, FacePull, Scap Pulldown, Pec Stretch
Hardstyle Swings(24kg):
20 2 Handed
10 1 Handed R
10 1 Handed L
10 H2H
*10 sets of the above complex on 1:15 with 35 sec rest
RBT Pillars(red): 30 seconds on/ 5 seconds rest
*Front/Lateral R/Lateral L -- did two sets of this cycle with no rest

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