Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Swings/Brown's Lose.....Again

I love this time of year, especially being a Brown's fan. During week 1 of the season every team, and every team's fans, still has the hope of making the playoffs. However, after watching the dismal performance of the Browns I have been brought crashing back to reality. Yep, my team still Sucks!

Warm Up:
Stick Shrugs x 10, Face Pull x 10, Scap Pullbacks x 10, Pec Stretch - all 4 exercises x 3 sets

Hardstyle 2 Handed Swings(32kg) 20 reps in 30sec/20 sec rest x 15 sets

Shoulder continues to improve. I am now able to raise my left arm into the overhead position with almost no pain. Stick shrugs are also much less painful. I am hoping to start training jerks and snatches in a few more weeks. I meet with the Rolfer for my first 2 sessions this week. I remain hopeful that getting some general asymmetries dealt with will not only help me recover from this acute injury, but help prevent further troubles down the road. More to come....

1 comment:

Boris Terzic said...

Good to hear the shoulder is improving.

But sucks to be a Browns fan. Down south you guys are just starting your football, up here I've been watching football sense June. :p