Monday, February 28, 2011

Quick One At the Crack of Dawn

Only had time for a short one this morning:

Warm Up
Indian Clubs
HS Swing(32kg) 20 reps in 30 sec/15 sec rest x 15 sets

Off to work......


schhulk said...

Matt, just wanted to update you as to our progress at East. We have advanced to snatches, cleans and are doing a lot of double KB's. We had no concussions this past FB season and we feel it is because we have been swinging, snatching, cleaning, walking, gobleting with KB's. Our kids are stronger and faster. We just had our testing day yesterday and the stregth we gained was impressive. Coach Schwanke can give you the low down also as he has the test results. Am using your blog to communicate, hope you don't mind me posting.

MKSchinabeck said...

Hey thanks for the update. I am glad you are finding that the bells are helping the program. I would love Coach Schwanke to send me the testing results. I am also interested in your in season use of the bells for conditioning instead of running sprints.

Keep up the strong work. I will follow the team this fall. Hopefully the hard off season work will turn into victories this fall.

schhulk said...

I asked Pat to send you copies. Look for it soon. Our in season workouts consisted of 2 days per week using KB's. We would split the team up into 2 groups - about 15-20 minutes total. One group would do ab workouts, short footwork drills, anything working quickness/agility. The 2nd group would use KB's and we would do swings(30-30 or 20-30), snatches (usually 2 x 12 each arm), cleans (2 x 12 each arm). As we progressed thru the season we added bands to the mix on our swings. We ended Wednesday practice with everyone having a chance to snatch "the beast" ( opponent's color - 70 kg) 1 rep - allowing them to sign the KB. We are in the process of acquiring heavier bells as we have progressed in our abilities to lift heavier. We continually are finding ways to add to our arsenal. Summer workouts will include use of hills/kb's workouts.