Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Arnold Video/Post Arnold Plans

Since my original post a few more video clips of the Arnold comp have surfaced.  The following short clip of my jerk set was captured by Aaron Friday and shows some of the other competitors.

Here is another clip showing, from left to right, Justin Case, Brent Miffitt, and Andrew Durniat during their Pro level snatch set

My plan had originally been to take 5 or 6 days off after the comp, but I have been getting antsy. My traps still remain sore, but things are improving.  So today, I decided to hit the bells for a light workout:

One Arm Jerk(24kg) 1:30 Right Arm/1:30 Left Arm  @ 16 RPM
Rest 1:30
Snatch(24kg) 1:30 Right Arm/1:30 Left Arm @ 16 RPM
Rest 1:30
One Arm Long Cycle(24kg) 1:30 Right Arm/1:30 Left Arm @ 10 RPM
Rest 1:30

As I finished this short workout, I couldn't help but look at my new pair of 28kg and 32kg bells sitting in the corner so I decided to take them for a test drive.  I started with Double 32kg Jerks x 5 reps followed by 32kg snatch 5 right/5 left.  Then I transitioned to Double 28kg Jerks x 5 reps followed by 28kg snatches 5 right/5 left.  After those sets my 24kg felt like a 16kg!!!  However, this short "test run" did provide me with some insight:  I need to remain patient and continue to work my progressions.  There is no hury to start working the 32kgs.  I will continue to work on my lock outs on my jerks with the 24kgs and move into jerk and snatch progressions with the 28kg bells while continuing to work one arm jerks and swings with the 32kg.  Timed sets with the 32kg bells will come with patience and perseverance. 

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