Saturday, March 21, 2009

Need a New Plan

After working long timed set progressions for the past 3 months, I have been trying to come up with a different training plan for at least my next cycle.  The constant mental strain of performing long sets was starting to wear me down, although it did provide good results for me at the Arnold.  Today I tried something new:

Jerk(16kg) 10
Jerk(20kg) 10
Jerk(24kg) 10
Jerk(28kg) @ 6 rpm x 3 minutes for 4 sets (3 minutes rest between sets) - 72 total reps
Swing(40kg) 20/20 x 1

This worked pretty well.  The goal would be to continue 4 three minute sets until I can get 100 reps.  Then move to three 4 minute sets, two 5 minute sets.  Wouldn't move to the next set until 100 reps can be performed.  This format works good for jerks, but not so well for snatches.  Anybody out there have any suggestions or experience they would like to share?

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Todd Pigram said...

I wish i could be of some help, but the only thing I know about GS is what i have watched off of Sonnon's KB foundation set.
However, this new Mike Mahler routine I am doing is awesome. Best of luck and keep up the great work!