Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Snatch Day

Home from work early today and was able to work in a short session prior to the kids getting home and having to leave for a dinner meeting.  Ukranian cleaning ladies were just finishing up as I started warming up with my bells.  Had a funny discussion in broken english with these ladies who were very familiar with kettlebells.  In fact, both of their husbands have them at home and use them frequently.

Snatch(16kg) 10/10
Snatch(20kg) 10/10
Snatch(24kg) 10/10
Snatch(28kg) @ 14 rpms x 6 minutes with 1 hand switch

No OAJ today due to time constraints.  Below is a clip of my 28kg snatch set.  I am getting stronger already.  I have noticed a significant improvement in my 6 minute set over the past 10 days.  Still working on finding the optimal camera position that will include my entire body.


Jon Alford said...

Nice day with the pumkin balls. I did a mere 480 snatches with the 20kg this morning at 5am.
Just curious, what has the gs done for your body composition? How does clean and jerk compare to clean and press? If you were not competing which would you do?

MKSchinabeck said...

The clean and jerk, although a bit more technical, is more of a full body exercise. Bit less shoulder work, but a lot more leg/glute work. The aches and pains I was developing from heavy pressing (likely related to technique flaws) are no longer present since starting jerks. Since I started working GS, I have continued to drop weight and improve my overall conditioning. Working long timed snatch sets is still very taxing on the cardiovascular system. Now that I know what I know, I think I would pick the jerk and long cycle clean and jerk over the clean and press. But, again, everything depends on your training goals.


Boris said...

Looking very strong Matt. Nice work!

Aaron Friday said...

How do you breathe during snatch sets? You're strong enough to breathe out on the back swing and breathe in during the upswing, which is natural when using a light weight and conserves energy.

Aaron Friday said...

No cleaning ladies here, but the dog licks up any food dropped on the floor. She is really, really good at that.

We're going to exit stage left for a vacation ourselves ~ to Hawaii. Where are you going?