Friday, October 22, 2010

12 Minutes of Snatches/Swings

Shoulder is still feeling very good. Decided to continue onwards with my 16kg snatch progression. No reason to rush things along. I am planning to work my way to 10 minutes with 1 hand switch at 20 rpm prior to increasing the weight.

Warm Up: Pec Stretch, Stick Shrug, Face Pull, Rotational Scap Pullapart
Snatch(16kg) 16 rpm x 12 minutes switching every 2 minutes (96R/96L)
Hardstyle Swing(32kg) 20 reps in 30 sec/15 sec rest x 10 sets


Boris Terzic said...

Glad to see things are progressing nicely. :)

MKSchinabeck said...

Thanks! How about you?

Boris Terzic said...

The shoulder is better then it was last week but that is a very relative term, still loads of pain. Been keeping away from most training.

I did deadlift on monday and it felt okay at about 360lb.