Monday, October 4, 2010

Scap Pullback Variation and Brown's Win

Yep, that is no typo. My Brown's finally pulled one off this weekend. I just happened to watch the majority of the game in the Cincinnati airport too. With 4 minutes remaining, the Brown's clinging to a tenuous 3 point and the Bengals driving, I had to board my flight being taunted by Bengal's fans who felt just as certain as I did that the Brown's would once again blow their 4th quarter lead and add another check to the loss column. Low and behold, I was shocked to learn, after landing in Cleveland, that the Brown's had held them off to get their first W of the season.

I spent the weekend in Nashville at a wedding and did not work out. However, it took most of the weekend for me to recover from my yoga experience last Thursday. Much muscle soreness!

Today's workout:
Warm Up: Stick Shrug, Face Pull, Scap Pullback, Pec Stretch
Hardstyle 2 Handed Swing(32kg): 20 reps in 30 sec/15 sec rest x 15 sets
RBT Split Jumps(red): 10 reps x 6 sets

Dave Schmitz posted a recent piece on his blog about split stance scap pull aparts and the real killer.....rotational, split stance, pull aparts. Tried these today instead of the usual scap pull aparts and really found the rotational version to cause a very significant burn to the rhomboid region. Check out the video below. At the 1:45 mark he starts to talk about the rotational variation. Give em a try and let me know what you think. These will be replacing my standard scap pull aparts from now on.


Mark Reifkind said...

love it, thanks man.

MKSchinabeck said...

I thought you might like this exercise. The rotational version lights up my rhomboid area like nothing I've ever tried before.