Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holiday Hiatus and Product Review

Between work and holiday family commitments, planned workouts on 12/24 and 12/25 just didn't happen. Today I was able to do the workout planned for 12/25.

Warm Up
Jerk(2x32kg) 5 minutes @ 5 rpm
OAJ(24kg) 6 minutes @ 15 rpm
2 minutes rest
Snatch(24kg) 6 minutes @ 15 rpm
2 minutes rest
OAJ(24kg) 6 minutes @ 15 rpm

The 32kg jerk set went quite well. Not much of a struggle and was able to keep breathing relaxed throughout the set. The fitness protocol is amazingly difficult, especially the second set of OAJ. Snatches today felt good. Still a significant difference between the left and right hands in terms of consistency with the finger lock. The right side is much better than the left. Overall, however, my snatches are progressing nicely.

Santa brought me a very cool gift that any true kettlebell sport fan, or anybody doing interval work with kettlebells for that matter, will like:

TITLE Platinum Professional Fight & Gym Timer - click to enlarge
This timer is essentially a very large GymBoss. It allows you to program work time, rest time, and number of cycles. You can program 5 separate interval cycles at one time. It can also be programmed to count up (ie. 0 to 10) or count down (ie. 10 to 0). The unit can stand on the floor or be mounted on the wall and comes with a remote control. For those of you competing, it will also allow you to get used to the digital display that is now being used at most comps. The units are currently on sale and can be found at Title Boxing.

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