Thursday, December 17, 2009

Working on Technique

Besides working on the finger lock, my coach also suggested I focus on my first bump in the jerk. A more explosive first bump will make my jerk quicker and more efficient, both of which will be needed with the eventual move up to the 32kg bells. Today, I noticed that a forceful exhale just prior to my first dip seems to really help the connection between my elbows and my anterior illiac spine translating into a more powerful first bump. I played with this technique during my warm up sets with OAJ and lighter 2 arm jerks. During my money set, I found the 7 minutes passed without much struggle which I think can be attributed to a more consistent, powerful first bump.

Warm Up
Jerk(2x28kg) 7 minutes @ 8 rpm
15 minute rest
Snatch(28kg) 6 minutes @ L 15/15/9 -----> R 15/15/15
OAJ(40kg) 8/8
OAJ(32kg) 12/12
Swing(40kg) 30/30

My snatches remain a work in progress. I have found that I am much more consistent with the finger lock on the right hand compared to the left. I stopped early on the left because I was haveing difficulty applying the finger lock towards the end and started to palm the bell which began to cause some hand issues. The right side felt pretty solid. I was able to finger lock the majority of the set. After 3 minutes I had essentially no forearm pump and my grip still felt strong.
My OAJ sets also felt strong especially with the 40kg bell. Again, focusing on the 1st bump allowed me to be much quicker. I have also noticed the formation of a large callous on the heal of both hands and for the first time I didn't notice any hand discomfort on my 40kg OAJ set.


Alexander said...

Good work! Thanks for sharing the technique reflections!
Happy hollidays!

MKSchinabeck said...

I am glad you find the information helpful. The nuances in technique can never truly be perfected.

Raesu25 said...

Hi Matt,
That is interesting. I am working on the finger lock as well. I find that I am better at the left side than the right even though I am right handed. I am wondering if my left hand is bigger than the right. Good luck.