Monday, May 24, 2010

Swings and More Swings

The shoulder remains pretty tender. Seems to be more of a muscular injury. The position that seems to recreate the pain is the rack position of the double jerk. Pain seems to be more in the rhomboid region vs trapezius. Hit the foam roller today.....feeling pretty good currently.

Warm Up
Swing(32kg) 20 reps in 45 seconds/30 seconds rest - 10 sets each hand for grand total 400 swings
BSS(2x16kg) 10/10 x 2

Heart rate only made it up to 160 at the end of the swings. May need to do more reps with each set to drive the HR up. Plan to keep swinging in hopes of preserving some conditioning during the healing process.


David said...

Matt, hope you heal quickly. Good luck.

CI said...
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CI said...

I will say 20 swings in 45 sec seems kind of slow. That's 26rpm or thereabout? Most folks should be able to swing 33-36rpm depending on height and limb length. Would be interested to see a video at some point. If you weren't really counting, and just timing it and whatnot that's cool (I have a hard time counting swings and so since my pace is the same, I'll often just time it).