Monday, May 3, 2010

Test Day

Test day was on the schedule today. Things went well.

Warm Up
Jerk(2x28kg) 10 minutes @ 7 rpm
75 minutes rest
Snatch(28kg) 8 minutes @ L16/16/16/16 ----> R16/16/16/16

Jerks were completed with relative ease. I was able to stay relaxed throughout the entire set and could have easily put up more reps.

My snatch set was also very good today. I have made some "discoveries" concerning my snatch technique and now seem to have better timing coming out of the double dip. I also seem to be using my legs more consistently and pulling less with my hand on the ascent. My finger lock is becoming much more consistent. I will try to post some video soon.

I also really tried to stay relaxed during my set. I tried to focus on each rep and not think ahead to the finish, even when I was getting close. This approach seemed to really help me reach the finish line. In fact, I had additional reps in the tank at the end of this snatch set.


Mark Reifkind said...

good stuff man. I love when thing come together. keep it going

Boris Terzic said...

It takes time to get to some of those 'a ha' moments. You seems to be getting some down. Keep it up.

Brad Jones said...

Nice work Matt. It has been fun to follow your journey!

Brad Jones