Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday Afternoon Snatches and Jump Rope

Still sore from Monday's workout. Amazingly I am most sore in the lats. Can't remember ever getting so sore in the lats.

Mobility: Thoracic Spine, Pec Minor, Wall Supported Squat
Warm Up(16kg): Various
Snatch/Jump Rope:
*Snatch(24kg) 1 minute @ 18 rpm
*Jump Rope x 1 minute
* 10 sets completed
Wall Handstand Holds x 1 minute x 2 sets
SLDL(24kg) 10R/10L x 2 sets


Boris Terzic said...

Haven't been here in a while, how's your training been? Will you be competing any time soon?

MKSchinabeck said...

Hey Boris
Been focused on fitness lately. Between work and family obligations I have been having a difficult time getting more than 30 minutes for a workout. This has made training for comps difficult. I would love to get back on the platform sometime, but not sure when that will be. Most of the fall comps conflict with my work schedule - bad luck.