Sunday, August 24, 2008

Missing the bells

My back is feeling better today.  Did the full R-phase of Z-health yesterday and today as well as shoulder mobility work.  My discipline with Z health is not good, however, once I complete the exercises I always feel so good.  Tentatively plan to return to working out on Wednesday if all continues to go well.  It is so hard to stay away from my kettlebells.  Every time I enter my garage, there they are, lined up like soldiers.  They seem to call my name.  It is so hard to resist the temptation to crank out some snatches or swings, but I need to let my back rest.  It gets harder and harder to resist as my break increases.  I have so much extra energy, but no outlet except the chinup bar with which I have been GTG.  With bars in the basement and on the kid's swing set, there are ample opportunities for chinups throughout the day.  I sure need to work on these given the new RKC II requirements.  1 strict pullup with a 24kg kettlebell hanging from the foot.  That goal will take me a while to achieve, but at least there will be new goals to strive for.  

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