Saturday, August 30, 2008

Snatch Test Practice

Early workout today in order to clear the schedule for this afternoon's Buckeye game.

24kg Snatch 40L/37R  Stopped early on the right due to hot spot on right hand
24kg 1 arm swing 12L/12R on 1 minute x 5 sets
24kg Dead Snatch 10L/10R x 2 sets
24kg Snatch 10L/10R

The 24kg bell is feeling lighter and lighter for all of my ballistics moves.  I think I am ready to start using the 32kg for snatch workouts.   I will wait until after the cert before I start snatching the sucker.  

The dead and hang snatches have made a significant improvement in my snatch technique.  Thanks to the guidance of Faizal Enu and Aaron Friday, I added these to my workouts and have seen significant improvement in my snatching.  They really help your explosiveness and force you to tame the arc on the upward path of the kettlebell.

Tried out the Vibram 5 Fingers today.  They were sent to me by my college buddy Stix who will be heading to the Cert with me.  Very interesting shoes.  Take a bit to get used to, but by the end of my workout I felt like I was working out barefoot except my feet weren't dirty.  Planning to keep pushing for the next two weeks and then will taper for the big weekend.