Sunday, September 28, 2008

The New Program

It came to me today while at work......the backbone for my new program.  I have decided to continue with the ballistics day, grind day, off day format.  My grind days will be a modified ROP program working with the 32kg.  My ballistics days will be alternating between VO2 max snatches, SSST training, and swings.  I plan to do two 6 week cycles with testing at the end of each cycle.  The basic outline will look like this:

VO2 Max 15/15 protocol (8reps) - working up to 80 sets over 6 weeks
Heavy Press Day
24kg or 32kg Swings
Light Press Day
SSST Training with 24kg
Medium Press Day

It will take me 9 days to make it once through the cycle.  I will also try to fit more Z-Health into the program.  I will be doing the 8 week program as outlined in the R-Phase manual.

I kicked things off today with the following:

16kg Halos
16kg VO2 Max 15:15 (8reps) x 40 sets - finishing HR 176  (max predicted HR 183)

The VO2 Max felt pretty good.  Not too much of a struggle.  Really trying to focus on accelerating the downswing.  Also worked some fast overhead switches for my snatches.  I need to get this technique down prior to my next official SSST attempt.  I figure this technique will give me an extra 30-40 seconds which should let me easily break the 200 rep mark.

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Todd Pigram said...

Nice looking program Matt. Let me know if you want to meet at the 'Sand Pit' this coming weekend. I have a new program in mind, but I have to finish my year end goal first. Call me or email me if you want to meet.

I will bring all my bells.