Friday, September 5, 2008

Stress Relieving Snatches

Rough, high stress day at work today.  Really needed to exercise to clear the mind tonight:

24kg Snatch 40L/40R
24kg Dead Snatch 10L/10R x 2 sets
24kg 1 arm swing 12L/12R on 1 minute x 5 sets
24kg Snatch 10L/10R

Felt great after working out.  Stress was gone, mind was clear, ready to play with the kids.  Snatches are coming along well.  I am feeling very confident about my snatch test numbers.  I will find out for sure in 2 weeks.


Aaron Friday said...

Looks like 40/40 has become normal for you now. Excellent job making that happen.

37/37 ought to be just a good set when the time comes. A hard set, no doubt, but not the ball-buster it could have been.

MKSchinabeck said...

Thanks Aaron