Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Walking See-Saw Presses

Still nervous about the graduation workout, especially the walking see-saw presses.  Thought I would work a bit more on them.  Figure that I can cover about 10 yards in 20 seconds meaning I need to be able to do about 10 sets of See-Saw presses to cover the length of a football field.   So today I did: 

24kg New TGU 5L/5R
24kg Walking See-Saw Presses 5L/5R x 10 sets
Bodyweight Pullups 3 reps x 10 sets
24kg Double Front Squat x 5 reps x 2 sets

I feel like my See-Saw press technique is improving.  Really need to focus on firing the lats, keeping the core tight, and keeping the shoulder packed.  When I was able to do all of those things I had no problem with the reps.  However, as I tire, I lose concentration and 1 or more of those things don't happen......then I struggle.


Doug Nepodal RKC TL said...

looking good, you will have no problems next week.

MKSchinabeck said...

Thanks Doug. I look forward to catching up with you. Your training for the Grad workout has been making me nervous!