Saturday, September 27, 2008

Who Are These Guys?

How can you go to the RKC Cert without getting a picture with Pavel?  Without this man, where would I be?  I had gone from an active, fit, 20 something; to a guy in his mid 30's who was slowly becoming overweight, starting a new career and trying to raise 2 young boys.  Two years ago, my father introduced me to kettlebells and I purchased my first 16kg bell.  I started with the Rite of Passage and quickly progressed to the 24kg.  I quickly began to notice a change in my overall conditioning and physique.  I lost weight and my muscles became more defined.   I was having fun and more importantly was getting a phenomenal workout in only 20-30 minutes, which worked well with my busy life. 

Roughly 1 year after my introduction to kettlebells, I journeyed to Medina, Ohio to visit the closest RKC in my area, Doug Nepodal.  Now this was an amazing experience.  Spending only 1 hour with Doug was well worth the 2 hour round trip drive.  We went through the 6 basic lifts and he made small corrections in my technique.  For the next several weekends, I made the drive to his gym to take part in his Saturday morning group classes.  It was Doug that planted the seed for me to attend the RKC Cert.  Over the next year I continued to train focused on the sole goal of becoming RKC certified.  Last weekend the trip was completed......I became an RKC, and I watched as my mentor and friend, Doug Nepodal was promoted to Senior RKC.

Now it is time for a new focus.   During last weekend's certification I was fortunate to have had Zachariah Salazar as one of my Team's assistants.  Now I had been dabbling with Z-Health R-Phase for the past 6 months.  It was interesting and it always made my body feel good, but I never could quite grasp the true meaning of Z-Health until my interaction with Zach.  It was during last weekend that I witnessed the true power of Z-Health.  I watched person after person have their pain disappear after working with Zachariah.  He recounted many stories of people he had helped from elite athletes to a woman with terminal cancer.  I also witnessed the power of Z-Health as he helped me and my good friend overcome some chronic pain issues.  I now have a better understanding of the power of Z-Health and I am now, more than ever, interested in pursuing further training in this discipline......Thanks Zachariah.

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Aaron Friday said...

Fawn has had great results with R-phase and I-phase, helping her clients. GREAT results.

Doug's kilt looked pretty cool. It's like tactical wear, with big pockets and hiding places for weapons. I don't know if the average guy could get away with it, though. Doug is pretty buff. You could get away with it.