Sunday, November 2, 2008


Still with persistent muscle tightness in the left upper trap/neck.  I still think it is related to my heavy C&P work with the 32kg.  In order to get it to settle down, I think I am going to have to stop pressing for a while.  Will need to come up with some other things to work on with my grind days.  Might have to give the jerk a try for a while.  Today's non pressing workout:

24kg TGU 5 minutes
16kg 1 leg deadlift x 10L/10R x 3 sets
Double 24kg Renegade Row 10L/10R x 3 sets
32kg Goblet Squat x 10 reps x 3 sets

Received Z Neural Warm Up 1 and I-Phase as B-day presents.  Did the Neural Warm Up today.  Essentially an abbreviated version of R-Phase with some new eye work (which is interesting).  Only takes 10 minutes to complete.  It could easily be done daily.


Todd Pigram said...

Again Happy B-day! Those are some nice presents.

Jerks are fun

Email me if you get a chance. I have some JM stuff that is great


Renee Yorkievitz, RKC said...

Happy Birthday! Great presents too!


AJ said...

Hey brother how do you like I-phase?