Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Today's Workout

Pre Turkey Workout - Today is my 3rd day in a row.  This is probably more than I should do, but I have been feeling good:

2AJ (16kg) 8RPM x 7 minutes
Snatch (16kg) 20RPM x 8 minutes - 1 hand switch
1AJ (24kg) 10RPM x 2 minutes R and 2 minutes L
Swing (24kg) 40L/40R

My form is improving.  Tonight I did not get the pectoralis pump that I have been getting during prior workouts from the jerk.  I have been trying to relax more in my rack instead of squeezing my elbows together which has been frying my pecs by the end of the set.  I also played with different rack positions today as mentioned on Scott Helsley's blog.  Since meeting with Andrew, my snatch has also improved.  My grip was much less fatigued after today's long snatch set.  Taking the day off tomorrow.  Only Turkey and Football on my schedule......well maybe a nap.

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