Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Monday and Tuesdays Workouts

Forgot to post Monday's workout:

Double Jerk 16kg - 8 RPM x 5 minutes
Snatch 16kg - 20 RPM x 6 minutes
OAJ 24kg - 8 RPM 3 minutes R/3 minutes L
Swing 24kg 30L/30R x 2 sets

Z Neural Warm Up 1

Today, I did a short workout since my left shoulder was pretty sore following my flu shot earlier today: 

Double Jerk 16kg - 12 RPM x 2 minutes - 4 sets (2 minutes rest between sets)
Swing 24kg 20L/20R x 2 sets

Z Neural Warm Up 1

*My COC grippers arrived yesterday.  I received the Trainer and #1.  I was able to do several sets of 10 reps each hand with the trainer and could get 2-3 reps per hand with the #1.  I guess all that kettlebell work has payed dividends with my grip.  My forearms were sore this morning.  I will try to follow the training recs provided with the grippers and plan 2-3 workouts per week.  I will likely need to order the #1.5 soon.

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