Friday, April 24, 2009

28kg Jerk 7 Minutes @ 8 RPM with Video

It has been about a month since I shot my last jerk video, so I decided to record another workout. Per request from March, I shot clips from the front and side and attempted to include more of my body.  I decided to bump my rate up to 8 rpm.  Things went pretty well.  I really felt it in my legs by the last minute.  I think this is a combination of needing my legs more with the heavier weights and not being able to fully lock out my knees in the rack.  However, the side shots do suggest that I am pretty close to getting knee lockout in my rack.

Warm Up
Jerk(20kg) 10
Jerk(24kg) 15
Jerk(28kg) 7 Minutes @ 8 rpm
Jerk(28kg) 4 Minutes @ 6 rpm
Swing(40kg) 15/15

I still appear to have some elbow float laterally, but I think it is better.  My lockouts seem crisper.  I think I am consistently launching my elbows from my pelvis on each rep.  This is much improved from last month.  I no longer leak power on my first dip.  I think that is why I have suddenly made such a large jump in my reps.


David said...

Hi Matt,

The couple of things i notice are: 1. You are losing efficiency in your drop. You adjust every time, If you dropped and had no adjustment you would lo0se less energy. 2. When you drive the bells up you have your hands open. You wrists are relaxed, but your hands are not. Try to curl your fingers around the handle. It's alot to think about, but if you do long cycle it will help. Consistency between lifts is the key.

Alexander said...

Nice work and progression!
I also like that you do not add a death metal sound track to your vids :-).
David: good point about hands, will try that out next session.