Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yoga, Snatches, Swings

Didn't workout the past two days for a couple of reasons, firstly, my wife and I came upon a babysitter on Thursday night so I decided to join her for yoga followed by dinner and then watched LeBron James make a mockery out of ESPN, the NBA, and professional sports in general (oh yeah, and break the hearts of suffering sports fans of Northeast Ohio). The yoga class was excellent and I continue to suffer from delayed onset soreness. Yoga has also continued to so me how tight my hips are and is clearly an area that needs improvement and will likely improve my kettlebell performance.

Friday was a crazy day at work and I had to help my family pack for a week long trip at summer camp (I am staying home due to work schedule).

Today, however, is my first day of bachelorhood, and I was able to hit the basement gym for as long as I wanted. I started with various warm up exercises and decided to give a light snatch set a whirl as my shoulder continues to improve ever slowly.

Warm Up
Snatch(16kg) 6 minutes @ L16/16/16 ---> R16/16/16
HS 2 Handed Swing(32kg) 20 reps in 30 sec/20 sec rest x 15 sets
Cross Band RBT Squats 20 x 3

The snatches went vary well. No issues with the shoulder. I will see how it feels tomorrow. If all is well, I will likely begin to introduce some lighter snatch sets into my swing workouts.

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