Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Today was the day, 10 minutes of snatching with the 24kg with a goal of 200 reps.

The Result:  197 reps

I can't believe I only missed it by three reps!!  This was my first attempt at the SSST and I think my failure was more an issue of time management then conditioning.  I started strong with 12L/12R/12L/12R/12L/12R/12L/12R - 96 reps in the first 4 minutes.  Took my first rest (didn't keep track on length of rest).  Then 10L/10R/10L/10R - 136 reps total.  Another rest (? duration). Next was 8L/8R/8L/8R - 168 repts total.  Rest.  Started my last 32 reps with 90 seconds remaining.  Received a 30 second warning at 8L/8R/6L, did one more rep on the left and then switched to the right and cranked out 6 quick reps on the right for a total of 197 reps.

Lessons for next time:  Keep track of rests.  No more than 15 seconds at a time.  Need to get a 1 minute warning at the end so I can sprint to the finish.  Also need to work on my hand switches. I was doing hand to hand switch with a swing taking 2-3 seconds x 16 switches (32 - 48 sec).  I need to work on the hand to hand switch from the overhead position of the snatch as used by Phillip Davis, RKC during his USSST on YouTube.  If using this technique I think I could pick up at least an extra 30 seconds.  Overall, I feel good.  My hands held up well and I think my conditioning is good enough to get over 200 reps if I manage time better the next time.


Aaron Friday said...

If you learn the overhead switch and get comfortable with it, I expect you'll nail your numbers. I haven't learned it myself, but it's in the plan.

Amazing job!

Todd Pigram said...

Great job! You will get next time.