Sunday, April 3, 2011

Back From Vacation/Trip to New Gym

Just returned from a nice family vacation to Florida for Spring Break. Beautiful weather and fun with the family. Also had a nice break from working out. Only downside was I re-aggrevated my left shoulder injury while bodysurfing in the ocean. So, I guess it is back to swings, and more swings......

Today I headed over to my Dad's basement gym to get in a workout and play with some of his toys. At age 70, he is still pushing around the kettlebells, bands, and ropes on pretty much a daily basis. We came up with a crushing cardiovascular circuit combining 2 handed kettlebell swings, battling ropes, and a poor man's skierg using a resistance band hanging from the ceiling (if you don't know what a skierg is search for video on YouTube. It is essentially a cross country skiing double polling simulator that is amazingly difficult.)

Warm Up
*HS 2 Handed Swing(32kg)
*Band Skierg
*Battling Ropes
*30 seconds work/15 seconds rest at each of the 3 stations equaled one rep.

After 4 reps we realized that we needed more rest, so the work/rest interval was changed to 30 sec/30 sec for an additional 4 reps. In all we made it through 8 circuits (12 minutes of work). This was quite difficult. I will try to post some video the next time we get up the guts to try this one again.

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