Saturday, June 13, 2009

WKC Level 1 Rank Attempt

10:30 AM - Jerk(24kg) 8rpm x 10 minutes -80 reps

2:30 PM - Snatch(24kg) 16 rpm x 10 minutes - 160 reps

Working on getting the video posted.  My DVD  is burned and will be in the mail to the AKC on Monday.


Alexander said...

Great lifting!

papatom said...

Way to go, Matt. I stayed up past my bedtime waiting for this post!

MKSchinabeck said...

Thanks for the support guys. Here is the video. Took a while to upload the 20 minutes of video. Had to cut the clips to fit the 10 minute maximum allowed by YouTube, but all the reps are shown.

Boris T. said...

Congrats on the Level 1!