Monday, August 3, 2009

Workouts Past Few Days

July 30th
After 7 hours driving I fit in a short snatch workout in a hotel parking lot shortly after eating dinner and just before sunset - not ideal circumstances:
Snatch(20kg) 10/10
Snatch(24kg) 10/10
Snatch(28kg) 16 rpm x 6 minutes

August 1st
Attempted to jerk and snatch on the same day.
Warm Up: Rib pulls/arm sweep
OAJ(20kg) 10/10
OAJ(24kg) 10/10
Jerk(28kg) 8 minutes - 8,8,8,8,8,6,8,6

2 hour rest

Snatch(20kg) 10/10
Snatch(24kg) 10/10
Snatch(28kg) 14 rpm x 7 minutes

Went pretty well. Could have easily made the 10 minutes of Jerks. Snatches remain a challenge for me. Hoping with a taper prior to the comp that I will be able to PR the snatch to make my numbers.

August 3rd
Warm Up: Halos/MP (12kg)
OAJ(20kg) 10/10
OAJ(24kg) 10/10 x 2 sets
Jerk(28kg) 8 rpm x 7 minutes
Jerk(28kg) 3 minutes - 8,6,8
Swing(32kg) 30/30 x 1

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