Thursday, March 25, 2010

Continued Left Pinky Issues

Warm Up
Jerk(2x28) 7 minutes @ 7 rpm
Rest 15 minutes
Snatch(28kg) 8 minutes @ L15/15/15/11 ----> R15/15/15/15
OAJ(40kg) 10/10
OAJ(32kg) 15/15
Skipped Swings due to left hand issues
CC Full Squat 30/30 x 1

I seem to keep tearing the skin/callous on my left pinky. The initial injury was a blood blister following some 40kg swings, then the skin was pulled off during snatches and now I seem to keep re tearing this area. It is by no means a major injury but it continues to cause persistant problems. Will see how the finger is feeling tomorrow, but may have to take the long weekend off to try to heal this once and for all.


Michael Sherman said...

Hey Matt, Try liquid skin on the area before you start your snatch set. I do this often and it seems to "head off" any spots that have a tendency to pull or blister. Just an idea that works for me.
BTW Nice workouts lately! Looking real good!

Alex said...

The pinky? This is what I have to look forward too? lol j/k hope it heals quick Matt.

Boris T. said...

Ouch hope it heals quickly. Mike's liquid skin suggestion is a good idea.

MKSchinabeck said...

Mike I may have to give it a try.
Any news on a possible spring comp in Toledo?