Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday's Work

Warm Up
Jerk(2x28kg) 5 minutes @ 7 rpm
10 minute rest
Snatch(28kg) 8 minutes @ L15/15/15/15 ---> R15/15/15/12
OAJ(32kg) L14/R15
Swing(40kg) 30/30 x 1
Convict Conditioning Half Squat 30/30 x 2

My knee issues really seem more muscular than anything else. Last night I hit my quad, hamstring, IT band, and calf with the Tiger Stick and my knee felt amazingly better today. No problems with jerking today.

Snatches went well. I lost my grip and dropped the bell on the backswing of the 12 rep on the 8th minute. Although I was dead snatching, I think I could have completed the last 3 reps.

I have decided to try to work the one legged squat progression from Convict Conditioning for my leg work. This is a very interesting book of body weight exercises that someday I will tackle when my GS addiction is complete. For those who travel a lot, this book will provide you with excellent body weight exercise progressions that could easily be done in a hotel room. The ultimate goal of the book is to get you to do a one armed push up, one leg squat, one armed pull up, bridge, one armed handstand push up, and a leg raise. Each exercise is broken into a 10 step progression that is designed to accommodate couch potatoes to elite athletes. Check it out here.

1 comment:

Alexander said...

Nice work!
I hope the knee stays fine. Evolution, or whoever, should reconsider mankind's knees and teeth :-). I am icing my own knee right now (standard procedure).

CC is interesting. Think I will check it out.