Monday, May 18, 2009

Working the Lockouts & 73 rep with 24kg

Scott Helsley put up some interesting video this weekend on his blog.  He has been working on his lockout and figured out a cue that made a drastic improvement in his jerk lockout.  He passed his words of wisdom to the top of the lockout, focus on pushing with the heal of your hand, by dorsiflexing the wrist.  Seemed to work for him and Scott appeared to have the same issues with lockout as I do.  Gave it a try today.  I think this is going to work for me, but I need to practice a bit more.  Shot some video today and will compare with May 9th clip.

Warm up
Jerk(20kg) 15
Jerk(24kg) 8 rpm x 2 minutes
Jerk(24kg) 8 rpm x 9 minutes + 1 rep = 73 reps
Jerk(28kg) 6 rpm x 3 minutes
Jerk(32kg) 6 rpm x 1 minute
Swing(40kg) 25/25 x 1 set

Did a practice run of the level 1 jerk numbers.  Paced at 8 rpm for 9 minutes with 1 extra rep at the end.  This went very well.  Never reached panic breathing.  I feel very comfortable that I will be able to hit these numbers.  Also did a short set with the 28s trying this new technique.  Worked very well.  As I put the 28s away, the 32s were calling my name and I decided to give them a short run.  One minute at 6 rpm felt very solid and I could have gone longer even after all the work completed before.

May 9th clip

May 18th clip with new technique below:

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Todd Pigram said...

Have you tried the Survival breathing, that Sonnon teaches on DVD 1 of the KB Foundation, during your set? Keep up the good work!
Have fun at the CK-FMS. I started doing the Brettzel last night after reading about it on IronGramx. I have some work to do:)