Monday, October 26, 2009

New Week

Had a great weekend with a nice rest from work and the bells. However, I did do some single leg deadlifts yesterday and I am paying the price today with some pretty sore glutes.

Warm Up: Rib Pull/Arm Sweep/Swing/OAJ/Jerk/Snatch
Jerk(2x28kg) 5 minutes @ 9 rpm
Snatch(28kg) 6 minutes @ 17 rpm
OAJ(32kg) 15/15
Swing(32kg) 40/40

Snatches felt strong today. No problem hitting the 6 minutes at this pace.
Due to work and family commitments I will not be able to attend the Las Vegas meet, but I am targeting Scott Shetler's meet in Atlanta on December 5th as my goal date for CMS.

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