Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday's Workout

Was lucky and got home early today. Was able to hit the basement before the school bus arrived.

Warm Up: Rib Pull/Arm Sweep/Swing/OAJ/Jerk/Snatch
Jerk(2x28kg) 5 min @ 9 rpm
Jerk(2x28kg) 3 min @ 10 rpm
Snatch(24kg) 8 min @ 20 rpm
OAJ(32kg) 12/12
Swing(40kg) 20/20

Both jerks and snatches felt very strong today. I can't wait until the 28kg feels like the 24kg on snatches. It is getting close, but not quite yet.
It is official, I have booked airfare for the Atlanta comp. This is my new target date to hit CMS in the biathlon. I hope it all works out.....

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