Sunday, November 15, 2009

The State of North American Mens Biathlon

What is the state of Kettlebell Sport Men's Biathlon in North America? This past week has recorded the passing of a major milestone for Eric St-Onge as he qualified for his CMS numbers at the AKC Classic in Las Vegas (see video below).

Andrew Durniat just missed his attempt at Master of Sport this weekend at an AKC Coaches Certification in Cincinnati. He made his jerk numbers, but dropped the bell while completing his 75th rep with his first hand (MS snatch numbers for 90+kg class 75/75).

The current status of men's biathlon in North America is the following (as far as I know, I apologize in advance for leaving anyone off the list):

Master of Sport
Marty Farell

Candidate for Master of Sport
Andrew Durniat
Eric St-Onge

Level 1 Rank(all close to CMS numbers)
Matt Schinabeck
Sean Armstead
Justin Case
Mike Sherman
Michael Cluse

Several of us are very close to posting CMS numbers. It is my hope that by this winter or next spring we will finally have some GS meets where there are several flights of men using the 32kg bells.


Boris T. said...

The biathlon to me seems to be the more popular event. I was there at the Classic and out of 12 men only 4 were doing Long Cycle.

Sucks to hear about Andrew not getting his MS.

Eric St-Onge said...

Thanks for the shout out Matt! You're VERY close to CMS. You'll get it in Atlanta!

MKSchinabeck said...

Boris and Eric thanks for checking in. I found your weight loss video quite entertaining! Hope to see you guys on the platform soon.