Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fitness Thursday

Warm up
Snatch(24kg) 6 minutes @ 16 rpm
1 minute rest
OAJ(24kg) 6 minutes @ 16 rpm
1 minute rest
OALCCJ(24kg) 6 minutes @ 10 rpm

SLDL(24kg) 10/10

Sent in my registration for the Toledo Kettlebell Sport Comp Jan 30th. Should be a good event. I think some big names are planning to attend.

1 comment:

Franck said...

Hello Matt,

I'm really happy to have this comment from you.
I follow your évolution to your blog. I try to be as diligent as you in training.
For snatches I understood the technique for the drop but I have to work the grip and endurance. To the jerks, I have more trouble with the technique, the rack, respiration, the first dip ....
I live in the south east of France near Montpellier. The weather is beautiful.
Continues to grow because you are a source of motivation for French girevik .
This sport is not developed in my country, as usual we're late. ;-).

A + and thank you