Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Eve before Christmas Eve Snatches

Another late workout due to work and my parents arriving in town.  Hit the basement a little after 9PM for a snatch day:

Snatch(16kg) warm up 15L/15R
Snatch(20kg) 18 rpm x 8 minute - 1 hand switch
Half Snatch(24kg) 12 rpm x 4 minutes - 1 hand switch
OAJ(32kg) 12R/12L with a short rest between arms
OAJ(24kg) 24R/24L with a short rest between arms

Hands continue to feel better after my long snatch sets, but still a bit tender.  Worked with my fathers 16kg comp bell for warm ups and was able to consistently get in the OK grip.  However, when I moved up to the 20kg things got a bit less regular in terms of getting the right grip on the decent especially when I get tired.  I have been using O'Keefes Working Hands lotion per the recommendation of Scott Helsley.  It is a nice water based hand cream that is working well for my regular hand care especially as the air drys out with the winter months.  OAJ are tough with the 32kg, but they sure make the 24kg feel light.  Day off tomorrow.  Am hoping to hook up with Andrew Durniat again this weekend to get some more pointers on my technique.

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