Monday, December 1, 2008


Trying to workout 5 consecutive days in a row is going to be too much for my body.  I have already noticed that I have a difficult time recovering.  Also trying to jerk and snatch along with assistance work just takes too much time.  I am going to modify my schedule and plan to do jerks/snatch assistance followed by snatches/jerk assistance on the following day then take a day off.  Today was jerks/snatch assistance day:

Double Jerk(16kg) 10 rpm x 5 minutes x 2 sets - took 5 minute break between sets
Swing(24kg) 40/40 x 2 sets
Bodyweight pullups 5 x 2 sets

Picking up the pace with the jerks really increased my heartrate.  Got me near my target range.  New bells should be arriving this week.  I will then be able to start my snatch progression with the 20kg.  I also will be ready to start my jerk progressions with the 20kg bells soon.

I have continued to work the Z health neural warm up level 1 on a daily schedule.  I am now going to start learning the I-phase drills.  I watched the DVD last night.  Looks pretty cool.  It is going to be much more physically challenging.  I need to continue to work the thoracic spine anterior/posterior glides and pelvic tilt drills which I think will help me with my jerk rack position.

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