Saturday, December 27, 2008

Visit to Andrew

My father and I trecked down to Wooster, OH today to get some coaching from Andrew Durniat.  Had some specific questions answered concerning rack for the jerk and snatch downswing grip.  Did various sets of 20kg and 24kg double jerks, 32kg OAJ and did one long set of snatches:

Snatch(24kg) 16rpm x 6 minutes - 1 arm switch.

This felt good.  Has been 5-6 weeks since I last did any meaningful snatches with the 24kg.  This was by far the most snatches I have done with the 24 with one hand switch - 48 per side.  I really think dropping down in weight to the 20kg and working long sets of timed 1 hand switch snatches has made an improvement in my technique, shoulder stability, and strength without sacrificing any conditioning.  Not to mention my usual shoulder/trap aches and pains have mostly disappeared.

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Jordan Vezina said...

It's great that you have Andrew as a training resource. From everything I have seen and heard he is a phenomenal coach and athlete. Keep up the great work and perseverance.