Friday, December 19, 2008

Late Night Jerks

Rough couple days of work.  Starting early and getting home late.  Didn't feel like hitting the bells tonight, but like usual I always feel better when I am finished.  My mind is clear and I am ready for another day (weekend of call).  Hit the basement around 9:15 PM tonight:

Jerk(16kg) 30 reps
Jerk(20kg) 8 rpm x 5 minutes
Jerk(20kg) 8 rpm x 5 minutes
Jerk(20kg) 10 rpm x 2 minutes
1 Arm Swing(24kg) 20 reps on 1 minute switching arms each set x 8 minutes - 80L/80R
1 Arm Row(24kg) 10/10 x 3 sets

Jerks are feeling better.  My rack is improving.  Seem to be getting better at keeping knees straight in the rack, keeping my elbows on my iliac crest during the first dip, and second dip is quicker.  Feel like I am using more legs and less shoulders.  Tried to concentrate on getting my hands deep into the handles.  Seemed to help prevent the severe hand/wrist fatigue I have been suffering from on previous sets.  Did HS interval swings using GS technique.  Really trying to focus on releasing my grip at the top of the swing and then regripping in the OK style grip on the way back down.  I hope this will transition to my snatches over time.  I heard that Santa is bringing me another 24kg and a 32kg comp bell in a few days.  This will allow me to start working the 24kg jerks as well as 32kg swings and OAJ.  I will need to start hitting this stuff hard as I officially registered for the Arnold Kettlebell Meet in March.  Should be an interesting experience.

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Todd Pigram said...

Great work Matt. I ill be off the grid for Christmas Vacation. So Merry Christmas