Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jerks/Snatch Assistance

Running like crazy at work today.  Couldn't see all of my patients prior to office hours and I had to meet the kids at the bus stop this afternoon.  Fit in a work out and some dinner and have to head back to the hospital to finish up:

Double Jerk(16kg) 10 RPM x 8 minutes
  10 RPM x 4 minutes
Swing(24kg) 40R/40L x 1
   (32kg) 30R/30L x 1
Bodyweight pullups: 5 x 2 sets

Looking forward to tomorrow.  I will start my snatch progressions with my new 20kg comp bell.

1 comment:

Todd Pigram said...

great work man. Once you have broken in the comp bell, will you post a review?

I am completing my quest for doubles as my Christmas present, 2 16kg and another 20kg. That will give me doubles from 16-32kg. Just curious if I should get the 16s as comp bells.