Monday, December 22, 2008


Missed my workout December 20th due to the dreaded gastroenteritis that is making the rounds through our community.  Luckily, it only lasted 24 hours.  I am feeling better, but not totally back to myself.  The illness is now slaughtering the rest of my family.

Jerk(16kg) 12 rpm x 4 minutes
Jerk(20kg) 8 rpm x 6 minutes
Jerk(20kg) 12 rpm x 4 minutes
Swing(24kg) 40/40 x 1 set

Took it a bit easy today since I am only feeling about 80%.  My jerks continue to improve. I am beginning to feel like the 20s are too light.  The bell is flying out of my hand at the lock out after my second dip.  It is going to be time to start hitting the 24s soon.

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